Clash Royale Tips, Tricks, & Strategies

Clash Royale: Improving maps   In Clash Royale, you can improve your cards through the use of gold once you’ve reached a certain level. It naturally begs the question, what unit should you improve? Here are a few simple steps.   -If you have a preference for a card, improve […]



Dragon City Tips, Tricks, & Strategies

– You need to remember to gather all the gold from all your dragon habits in case you want to stop playing the game for a while.   – Another tip that you could use is to position the dragons that make less gold in the habitat that can hold […]

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff Tips, Tricks, & Strategies

– Clams. To obtain clams in bigger quantities, you need to purchase them. However, you can also complete quests to obtain clams.     – To unlock a new district, you will have to be patient to make enough progress in the game for a quest to show up and […]



Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare Tips, Tricks, & Strategies

-There’s a Crazy Dave feature in Garden Ops that can give you bonus objective. You can make more PVZ coins by successfully completing bonus objectives. -Gardens & Graveyards mode: In this mode you can earn lot of coins. -Vanquish mode: It’ll give you lot of coins, except it will happen […]

Farmville 2 Country Escape Tips, Tricks, & Strategies

Since you are a new player of Farmville 2 you need to play regularly so that you can start building your farm starting with small buildings. If you play often then the process can be accelerated and you will progress significantly in just a short while. That is the subject […]



The Sims FreePlay Tips, Tricks, & Strategies

1) Whenever your dog digs money (LP/Simleon), make sure to praise it as it’ll dig some more next time around and faster too. 2) In case, if the dog does not have dig or pounce sign over it, then make sure to get somebody or a toddler to praise it […]

Despicable Me Minion Rush Tips, Tricks, & Strategies

Like with most endless runner games, good reflexes are important in the game. the player also switches perspectives on occasion, so players has to be ready for anything, especially as there are different obstacles to take into account, while some may seem solid, but could actually be smashed through, increasing […]



Clash of Clans Tips, Tricks, & Strategies

Be patient, conserve your gems The most significant caveat with any recreational free-to-play video game is the premium money system. Almost anything is on some kind of timer, so that as you progress, these timers get lengthier. Don’t give and shell out your precious stones on quickening development – conserve […]

Subway Surfers Tips, Tricks, & Strategies

Utilizing the Social Aspect   To do this, there are numerous techniques and methods that you can use. To scale within the social feature, are you aware that there is a method to obtain money without having actually participating in the game? That’s correct, if you invite your mates on […]



Candy Crush Saga Tips, Tricks, & Strategies

Gaining Unlimited Lives in Candy Crush Saga for the PC or Facebook   One of many restricting factors and albeit the most frustrating one is that you will run out of lives whenever playing the game. At this point you happen to be offered 2 options. It is possible to […]