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Plants versus Zombies is a tower defense computer game and app created and formerly published by PopCap Games. In Plants vs Zombies, players position different types of plant life each and every one utilizing their own one of a kind skills, close to a home so that you can stop a group of zombies from reaching home of the residents. The stage is split into a variety of side to side lanes, along with uncommon exceptions; a zombie is typically only going to move towards the player’s dwelling along a single lane.


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With my Ultimate Plants Vs Zombies Players Game Guide you will learn exactly what you need to know in order to become an expert player and beat every level! This is a complete guide with everything you need to know about the game PLUS you will also be able to obtain your free copy of the game with this purchase.


– How to get the game for FREE!

– Supports PC, iPhone, & Android.

– Overview & Basic Information.

– Advanced Strategies.

– A Detailed Overview of All Plant and Zombie Types.

– Walkthrough’s for EVERY SINGLE Level with Pictures!

– Detailed Easy to Follow Instructions.

– Secrets, Tips, Cheats, Hacks, Unlockables, and Tricks Used By Pro Players!

– Vivid Screenshots.



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